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Love animals but don’t know how to help? Here, 4 ways to support your favourite cause and give back

Animals are special. Truly. Dogs, especially, are one such species that serves as a typical example of the phrase “till death do us part”. And if you’ve had or met a dog at any one point in your life, you’ll know that this is true. To be sure, dogs will remain your loyal companion, even till their dying day.

Now. If you’ve always loved animals, but don’t have the means or capacity to adopt or foster one at the moment, there are several ways to help.

1. Volunteer at a shelter

Dog shelters in Singapore could always use a helping hand or two. This includes visiting these shelters to help walk the dogs under their care, and cleaning the space, so these fur babies have squeaky clean places to stay in. If you drive, volunteer your time to ferry these dogs to the vet, events, or even adoption drives. You may also ask if your shelter has stray feeding programmes, where you feed the strays who don’t have access to regular meals and shelter. Alternatively, if you have a skill like writing for instance, reach out to any shelter and ask if you can contribute to their cause.

2. Spread the word

While we wish more owners would adopt and not shop, we know that may not be realistic at this point in time. What you can do, however, is to educate owners and potential owners on the pitfalls of unethical breeders who are only out for profit. This also means that they will not care whether the puppy in your hands is a healthy one. It also means that the mothers of these puppies are cruelly treated. Even if you’re a first-time owner or know someone looking to be one, please please please find an ethical breeder who actually cares about their work. So please be responsible and spread the word.

3. Sponsor a dog

If you have the means to do so, sponsoring a dog or dogs at any shelter will help greatly. The range of fees depend on the type of shelter you go to. These fees will go a long way in helping the shelter do the work that they do sustainably. Every dollar goes back into the upkeep of the shelter, the dogs’ meals, vet bills, transport fees if necessary, and so on.

4. Support businesses that give back

When you’re doing your shopping, look out for businesses that give back to dog shelters, or animal shelters. This means supporting businesses that pledge to donate a percentage of their proceeds to the shelters, or businesses that promote the welfare of animals and strays through volunteer sessions, corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes, and so on.

For every purchase at Postman’s Trinkets, we pledge 30% of our entire sales proceeds back to dog shelters in Singapore. Go to our About Us page to see who our partners are.

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