Postman's Trinkets I found a paw bracelet silver

I Found a Paw bracelet in Silver

"When I needed a hand, I found your paw"

If you've been touched by a dog, you'll know this quote rings so true.


We love this bracelet for the meaning and sentiment it represents, and we know you will too.


Looks great when worn alone, or paired with other accessories. It comes together with a coloured gem too!


Choose from 12 birthstones (coloured gems) from the photo chart - and please remember to add in NOTES which you prefer when you make your purchase. (colour may vary slightly from photo)



Material: Stainless steel

Size: Slightly expandable 6.1cm to 7.0cm diameter


Postman's Trinkets is a humble jewellery store with one goal: to lend a helping hand to dog shelters.


Help dogs, one bracelet at a time, as 30% of our total sales proceeds go towards Hope Dog Rescue and Love The Voiceless.


This little ditty here sums up our mission best.


“A big thanks and woof woof

From the the bottom of our hearts

We appreciate you checking out our bracelets

And filling up your shopping cart

Hope you like the trinkets

You’re also helping a good cause

30 % of all proceeds are donated

To shelter doggos and their precious paws"

Photo copyright: Postman’s Trinkets

  • Care instructions

    We recommend that you do not wear your jewellery while bathing, while sleeping, or doing strenuous/sporting/rigorous activities.

    We also recommend that you try not to get water, perfume, skin creams, or other substances onto them.